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Hail Matey! We have some fine garments for Pirates! And unlike other Scurvy costume makers - we talk like Pirates too! Have 'e a look at this fine collection of clothing as 'e ever will find!

An' it may be cloth and such like but it taint none of this Pirate softwear ye hear about. Much as it sounds very confusing to us. Why have such a fuss about it? After all - a naked Pirate would be a sorry sight to see. And truely awful, knowing some of the horrible and evil smelling crew we do! ;-)
More here later, try the 17 century range fur now. Here are some fine cloaks and boots, no right minded pirate goes into Tortega on cold night without a nice, black Sally Green Hooded Cloak round them, would be the death of a cold if yah did, m'lad!.

Bucket Top Boot

Please note we are discontinuing this line after the end of 2013. The famous, stylish Bucket Top Boot cuts a dashing sight on anyone. This are seriously well made riding boots, tough, hard wearing, solid. Reinforced at the heel, and hardened at the toe, which means if horse stands on your foot - you've got an outside chance of getting away undamaged. Unless you have a sadistic horse. Thick, hard leather soles, they are working boots, complete with "Butterflies" included in the price to protect against wear from stirrup irons. The real magic is in the imterlace lining inside the leg of the boot, which allows the movement of air up through the boot and reduces the heat and moisture of clammy, sweaty feet inside.
The boot and butterflies are natural leather and stitched. Use approved leather cleaning materials, store dry.
People often ask how to make leather soled shoes safer to walk on. The sticking of rubber carpet grip to the underside of the shoe achieves this and is known to cause authenticity officers to suffer cardiac arrest... :-)

Size: Standard, UK sizes 5 to 12 in stock except Size 9, black colour only.

Prices from: £175  Goto Top 

Cloak, Hooded

Our cloaks are made with function in mind. They are thick, hard wearing, durable and above all keep you warm. That is their purpose, they are made out of thick coating quality wool, and are lined in heavy cotton for strength. They are hemmed at the bottom, no half measures, leaving unhemmed edges is sloppy workmanship. The hood is not the floppy, fall over your face fanciful "widow's" style, it sits properly on your head as it should do. The neckline is correctly shaped and as a consequence the cloak will not ride back and strangle you, it will hang about the shoulders equally.
It is an unintended co-incidence that our cloaks happen to look extremely elegant and move beautifully. We would prefer to think you are looking for a hardy and rugged garment to wear round a blazing campfire on freezing cold nights and whipping winds, and stay snug. You can treat them with waterproofing if you wish, but the wool does possess a natural degree of water resistance and even when the wool is very wet, the lining tends to remain dryish except on the shoulders. Never wash your cloak, preferably do not dry clean it either as the dry cleaning chemicals do horrible things to the natural properties of the wool, simply hang it out to air on fine days and it will last you for many, many years.
Let's not get drawn into the arguments flying about as to whether it is authentic to have hoods attached to cloaks. We are happy that they did but life is too short to argue about these things, so your call, if you are not happy with it, acquire one of our Plain Cloaks and separate Hood instead. Generally available in Black, Navy, dark Green or Burgundy, subject to stock.

Size: Standard

Prices from: £99  Goto Top 

Cloak, Plain

A cheaper alternative to the Hooded Cloak, these are simple, single button fastening cloaks without hood or lining. They are the most basic protection against the weather that has been devised since time began and ideal for living history. We also supply separate full, lined hoods if you so require.
Generally, we use lighter weight wools for this sort of cloak (compared to the Hooded Cloaks which are generally heavier wools). We have a couple of very heavy wool plain cloaks, made of a coating wool, be warned we are not joking when we say heavy! If you are up for wearing them, please note the higher postage costs involved.
Cloaks can be treated with waterproofing if you wish. Never wash your cloak, preferably do not dry clean, hang it out to air on fine days instead. Generally available in Navy, dark Green or Burgundy, subject to stock.

Size: Standard. Heavy wool version costs 5 more postage.

Prices from: £70  Goto Top 

For garments off list, please be prepared to provide a complete set of diagrams or illustrations of the garment(s) and a quotation will be provided for your consideration. Please allow 2-3 months for research, pattern making & testing, cutting and manufacture, dependant on the complexity of the garment.